We make and supply adhesive custom vinyl lettering that is easy and ready to install. TD Images ship self adhesive do-it-yourself vinyl installation product with pre-mask transfer tape ready to apply to any smooth surface.


Our vinyl lettering is perfect for windows, boats, walls, trucks, snowmobile and any smooth surfaces. Vinyl cut lettering can be produced in different colours and sizes. Standard colours are black, white, red and blue. Other colours are available at a premium price. Other specialty vinyls we carry are frosted and reflective vinyl.
Frosted or Etched Window Films are use for both domestic and commercial applications. It transform doors and windows into a eye catching designs. It also provides privacy all for a fraction of the cost of a real etched glass.

We ship vinyl cut lettering everywhere or you pickup from the shop. Ask for rush (in 2 hrs) or same day vinyl cutting when you need it in a hurry.

Pease supply artwork if you have one. Or email the following: words you need cut, the prefer letter font, measure size in inches of the area you will be installing, vinyl colour you prefer and indicate if you will be installing from out or inside of a window.

Pricing is $7/sq.f for one colour. Minimum cost is $35 irrespective of size. For larger sizes, provide us with the size you want we will be
Please see related product at decals and outdoor stickers.

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Simple Installation Instructions

You will need the following to install the adhesive vinyl sign:

  • paper towels to dry surface)
  • squirt bottle filled with 80% water and 20% soap
  • squeegee or plastic card to remove air bubbles
  • a scraper to remove dirt/dust from surface


  1. Clean the installation surface.
    The surface where the sign will be applied on must be smooth. Thoroughly wash the installation area. Use soapy water instead of chemicals. Surface must be completely free from any dirt or detergent residue before installation.
  2. Peel off the backing of the vinyl.
    The vinyl will be left on the premask. (Premasking is included with our vinyl signs.)
    Print vinyl cut letters
  3. Wet the vinyl and the applied surface.
    Use the squirt bottle to wet the vinyl and the surface for installation. This step is not composary. Applying water prevents the adhesive from sticking immediately so the installer can have some time to adjust the position of the sign. This step can be skipped if the intaller is experienced and confident about positioning the sign.
  4. Apply sign.
    Carefully apply premasked vinyl sign to the surface. Adjust position.
  5. Squeeze out airbubbles.
    Use a squeegee or a plastic card to remove any water bubbles between the sign and the surface. Bubbles will effect the appearance of the sign as well as its life span.
  6. Leave wet sign to dry.
    Depending on the amount of water used in step 3, the sign may take up to 6 hours to dry.
  7. Remove premask.
    Once the sign is dry, gently remove the premask. Installation is complete.
    Vinyl cut lettering print

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Payment Options:
We accept all major credit cards including Visa & Master Card. We also accept cash, certified cheques, money orders, or bank draft. For cheques, no delivery will be made until the cheque is cleared from the bank, except those with previous account relationship. You can pay by:

  1. Visa or Master Card via phone or fax.
  2. You can also pay by Interac e-mail directly from your bank using online banking from a major Canadian bank. Please request for our email address.
  3. You may pay online by PayPal. Click on the Buy Now button to make payment at any time or advise us to email you PayPal money request.

Sending us your file:
Please refer to our Artwork Specifications and Company Policy before proceeding to UPLOAD your file.

Shipping Options:

  1. Pick up from our Woodbridge location.
  2. Next-day delivery $11 within GTA (including Toronto, Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, etc.); For areas surrounding GTA (Barrie, Cobourg, Hamilton, Oakville, London, etc.) starts from $11; and to other parts of Ontario (Windsor, Peterborough, Sudbury, parts of Quebec, etc.) starts from $11. For other provinces, it starts from $15.
  3. We ship within & outside of Canada
  4. Please feel free to contact us for any other shipping arrangements.